2023 Affiliation and Membership FAQ’s

The PlayHQ system is designed to be able to identify each individual and will be able to recognise those who have already paid the Netball SA fee for the year. 

The annual fee covers player registration for any competitions played between 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024 and is charged at your initial registration. Individual players register once with Netball SA and are members for an entire year. 

However, due to the Country and Metro split, PlayHQ cannot identify if a player registering for Country has a current Metro registration and the system will attempt to charge the participant. If this happens, simply email your club and they will be able to contact their Development Coordinator and be provided a voucher code, to remove this second registration fee.

If you are not currently registered to any Netball SA affiliated competitions, you will be required to purchase and use a Single Game Voucher either through your club or the association. This single game voucher will cover you for insurance purposes for that one game only.

If you are currently registered in another Netball SA affiliated competition, you will simply need to register for the team you are playing for in PlayHQ (Refer to the above country and Metro FAQ if needed). You are not required to purchase a single game voucher in this instance.

Payments through PlayHQ are upfront however Netball SA offer the Fee Assistance Plan (insert link to Fee Assistance Plan Doc) which will reduce the Netball SA Membership fee by 2 thirds at the time of registration. Clubs will need to contact their Development Coordinator on behalf of the participant to request a Fee Assistance Plan voucher code. 

The participant will the enter the voucher code upon their registration and will still be required to pay 1 third of the membership fee, plus any relevant Netball Australia, Association or Club fees required.

Netball SA defines the following associations/divisions as Metropolitan:
Elizabeth Netball Association
SA Districts Netball Association
Southern United Netball Association
Adelaide Metropolitan Netball Association
City Night Division
SA Men's and Mixed

If your association is not listed, it is classed as country. For a list of current affiliated associations view via the button.

Yes. The only fees applicable after this are whatever your association or club need to add.

Linked below is an example of how the breakdown disbursement appears when participants pay their fee on PlayHQ. This provides the participant with transparency to know where all their fees go. 

*Please note photo below is for example purposes only and amounts are not reflective of current fees.