Single Game Vouchers

The Netball SA ‘single game voucher’ system assists those players who play only one or two games per netball season. Instead of paying the full membership fee, the player simply  purchases a ‘single game voucher’ from their Association or Club. The system is not intended to replace membership, it is merely a support mechanism.

The Single Game Vouchers come in a booklet of 20 vouchers. See below for further information.

The Association: Obtaining booklets

  • Books of 20 vouchers cost $160.00.
  • The Association or Club is responsible for selling the vouchers to players.
  • The Association may pay by direct debit if previously arranged.
  • Booklets are to be ordered and paid for in advance.
  • Booklets may be ordered at any time of the season by contacting the Netball SA office.
  • Vouchers remaining at the end of the season may be retained to be used in the following year.

The Player: purchasing a voucher

  • The cost is $8.00 per voucher and the voucher is valid for one game only.
  • The voucher is only valid for players that are not currently registered with Netball SA.
  • Vouchers can be used in finals matches, if consistent with Association By-Laws and rules.
  • Players must purchase and complete vouchers prior to taking the court.
  • Players purchasing a ‘single game voucher’ must be provided with the receipt section of the voucher.
  • Fees are non-refundable and cannot be used as part payment for full membership.
  • Voucher players are not eligible for any member benefit other that insurance.
  • Vouchers are not available for Premier League players.


  • All injuries must be reported to the Association or Club at the time of injury.
  • Details of the injury ie what type, must be entered on the back of the voucher stub.
  • A copy of the stub and the receipt section of the voucher is submitted with any injury claim.