Return to Netball FAQs


Yes, there is. There are several things that clubs, and coaches must do prior to commencing, these include: 

• Complete a COVID Safe Plan prior to the first session. For more information visit 

• Read and understand the resources provided by Netball SA at, including: 
	- Return to Community Netball: Quick Reference Guide
	- Frequently Asked Questions

• Ensure that the club and team have the required hygiene protocols in place 

• Brief all participants, coaches, volunteers, and parents on the requirements around returning

A COVID Management Plan is required where venues wish to have more than 1,000 in attendance at any one time. Further information regarding Management Plans can be found here:

The organisation (e.g. club or association) will receive the fine, not the individual who completed the COVID-Safe Plan.

The total number of participants, volunteers, team officials, support staff and spectators will differ from venue to venue depending on the size of the area. This is measured by applying one person per 2 square metres.

Yes, contact is allowed at training (both indoor and outdoor) however it is advised that good hygiene and social distancing of 1.5m must be applied, and unnecessary contact be avoided. 

All practical equipment, this includes items such as netballs, skipping ropes, footwork ladders, cones, may be used and should be cleaned and sanitised before and after use.

The use of bibs is allowed, however there should be two sets of bibs per team for training to reduce the number of times a bib may go over different faces.

Yes, canteens and clubrooms can open so long as no communal food or beverage service areas are used (e.g. buffets, salad bars, water/beverage dispensers). 

One person per 2 square metres must be applied to understand the capacity of these areas. 

Yes, certain measures must be taken to reduce the risk of infection. 

People being served must practice physical distancing when lining up to order and practice good hygiene.

There is to be no self-service of condiments, cooked food must be protected from contamination and stored away from the area where orders are placed.

No, but it should be clearly stated in information provided to participants and at the entry points that NO ONE should attend if they have a fever or any respiratory symptoms. 

It is important to monitor numbers within the facility to ensure the venue does not exceed capacity of one person per 2 square metres.

It is recommended that all participants install the COVIDSafe App to ensure that any active cases may be tracked and traced if they should arise.

Person/s over the age of 70 or those that have underlying medical conditions may consider discussing their individual situation with their local doctor (GP) in relation to their safety in large groups. It is the individual's responsibility and choice to access this information to assist with decision making. We can help by adopting excellent social distancing and hygiene protocols to support all to be safe. 

We really hope that all clubs and players do the right thing and strictly adhere to the guidelines as advised. Fines may apply to clubs, teams and individuals that breach either State Government restrictions as per the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration and Directions legislation.

Any individual that requires to cross a border to attend netball training or competition should refer to and follow the current Travel Restrictions outlined at 

Netball does not have authority to permit exemptions to individuals to attend netball training/competition, and everyone must consider their personal circumstances as per the current enforceable directions. 

Netball SA encourages affected individuals to seek further direction from the SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787.


The governing association may decide when matches commence so long as all required restrictions are adhered to. 

Please see the Return to Community Netball: Quick Reference Guide for further information regarding required restrictions.

Each first aid kit should have hand sanitiser provided by the team’s own club.

The hosting venue is required to ensure all required measures are in place for patrons attending the venue. This includes ensuring surfaces are regularly cleaned, soap dispensers maintained in bathroom facilities and hand sanitiser accessible throughout the venue. 


They should NOT attend the venue. They should ring their local doctor (GP) or the COVID hotline to discuss whether they should be tested or need to attend for treatment. 

Consideration of the circumstances around any case would need to be considered to understand if there was any potential liability to an association, club, or team. An association, club or team can limit the risk of being found liable for a positive test case by taking reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within their environment and the wider community, including but not limited to, strictly following the advice and recommendations of Netball Australia, Netball SA, your local State/Territory Government, and the Australian Government. 

If there is a positive case within the team environment then all participants, coaches and volunteers who have been in contact will need to self-isolate for 14 days. If an individual is feeling unwell then they should seek medical advice immediately by calling their GP. If an individual feels unwell at all, they should be requested to not attend.

Fees and Insurance

As a result of the disrupted season due to COVID-19, the Netball SA Board has approved a 50% reduction in winter 2020 fees for players.

Please contact your club and/or association for further information regarding fees and insurance. 


Participation in an affiliated association is criteria for selection in a Netball SA Academy Program. If an association has athletes in the Netball SA Academy Program, they will remain eligible for that pathway program. The participants will be required to register in MyNetball and pay their individual reduced fee.

As specified for academy athletes, players seeking to trial for Netball SA State Team programs later in 2020 for representation at the Netball Australia National Championships in 2021, will have the same eligibility and individual participant fee payment requirement.