Life Member Nomination

Life Membership of Netball SA is awarded on outstanding voluntary service on a state level in the areas of playing, coaching, umpiring and/or administration. Dedicated service to only a region of the netball community, while very commendable, does not warrant Life Membership of Netball SA, but of that particular region. 

There are no time frames for service and no criteria set down for specific areas of service except for the area of playing.  An important criteria in awarding Life Membership to a player is that the player has participated in the State’s Premier League and/or Suncorp Super Netball and/or in the Australian Team for at least ten years, with at least five games at that level in each year and a total of at least 200 games at that level, and has been a registered player with Netball SA throughout that period.

Only Divisions, Member Associations and Coaches/Umpires Association may nominate a person for Life Membership of Netball SA.

To nominate someone you believe deserves this recognition please complete the nomination form below. Nominations are to be lodged with Netball SA by close of business on Friday 5 November 2021.

Areas of outstanding voluntary service

Netball SA recommends advice be sought from the nominee to ensure the validity of the information