Coloured Shirt Program

Developing up and coming umpiring talent

The Coloured Shirt Program strives to support beginner umpires. Free for all Netball SA associations and clubs, the Coloured Shirt Program aims to increase retention, value and appreciation of all officials by making beginner or inexperienced officials easily recognisable in green shirts. 

The program helps to educate all participants, including players and spectators, about the demands, pressures and supporting the needs of all beginner officials.
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Coloured Shirt Program Manual

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The Coloured Shirt Program acts as a step along the Netball SA Umpire Pathway. The program aims to teach new and beginner umpires through practical and theoretical sessions to develop their knowledge and skills in umpiring.

Benefits of the Program:
- Easily recognisable shirts for the Players, Coaches and Spectators to see
- New and beginner umpires receive support from a mentor at training and matches
- Access to Netball SA  resources

Resources your Association/Club will receive:
- A Coloured Shirt Program Manual
- Netball SA Coloured Shirts for registered participants to wear while officiating
- Promotional materials

Further Resources:
- ACME Thunderer Finger Grip Whistle
- Rules of Netball 2018 Edition

To purchase further resources please visit the Netball SA Shop via the button below.

The program is open to a wide range of participants, who just need to:

- Have less than two years umpiring experience
- Be unbadged
- Be willing to complete the Rules of Netball Theory Exam (pass mark of 70% or more)
- Be willing to complete the Foundation Umpire Education Course
- Be a Registered Member of Netball SA

To access the Rules of Netball Theory Exam and the Foundation Umpire Education Course please click the button below.

Individuals who are experienced umpires are able to mentor Coloured Shirt Umpires. This may mean they have umpired for several years of obtain a National C Badge or higher.

Coloured Shirt Mentors must maintain the following:
- A current DHS (Department of Human Services) Screening or be willing to attain one
- Current Rules of Netball Theory Exam (pass mark of 70% or more)
- Current Foundation Umpire Education Course
- Current Member of Netball SA

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