ANZAC Day Medal Matches

In January 2020, Netball SA (NSA) was informed by the Returned Services League of South Australia (RSL SA), of changes to the annual ANZAC Day Medal Program. RSL SA advised that moving forward, they would not be assisting in the coordination of the medal nor providing the medal that is awarded during the associations nominated match. This news was then communicated by NSA to associations.

As this was news in 2020, NSA committed to facilitating a relationship between associations and their local RSL however, as we know, 2020 was not a normal season and this did not fully come to fruition.

What does this mean?

Associations can still host their own ANZAC Day Medal Match and engage their local RSL sub-branch to assist in funding the medal and present the award. Associations who have an existing relationship with their local RSL sub-branch and are comfortable in approaching them are encouraged to do so.

NSA can assist in connecting associations to their local RSL sub-branch to initiate the conversation. Where it occurs that the sub-branch cannot be involved, NSA will work with the association to organise an alternative solution.

Please contact the Stakeholder Relations Team for assistance.