Leahy Kneebone Cup turning tragedy to positive

Every year, the Leahy Kneebone Cup brings the River Murray sporting community together to encourage all road users to think about the impact of road accidents.

The Cup was established by the families of local girls, Steph Leahy (2010) and Molly Kneebone (2013), who sadly passed away in road accidents.

The annual contest between Imperials and Tailem Bend Netball and Football clubs aims to ensure the message about road safety is ongoing and ensure players and the community are educated to reduce the incidence of serious injuries and fatalities, particularly on country roads.

The Leahy Kneebone Cup is awarded to the club which wins the most games in both netball and football across the whole day to encourage all players from both clubs to rally together and achieve sustained success. This year, the event will be held at Imperials playing grounds in Murray Bridge on Saturday 22 July.

This year, for the first time, commemorative merchandise has been created, including one metre of printed satin ribbon and enamel awareness pins in the green and purple – the favourite colours of Steph and Molly. 100% of the money raised through the purchase of this merchandise will be donated to Beyond Blue – an organisation close to both families.

Additional orders for merchandise have been placed after unanticipated community support. This included other clubs within the River Murray association requesting to wear the ribbons and pins at their own games, in a strong demonstration of the close community spirit in the River Murray region.

Should anyone in the wider netball community be interested in supporting the Leahy Kneebone Cup and the fundraising efforts to support Beyond Blue, they can visit INTERSPORT Murray Bridge in the Marketplace or contact Katelin Kneebone directly on 0400 228 967.

The Leahy Kneebone Cup is proudly supported by the Motor Accident Commission.