Coaches Umpires Association Service Award

Coaches and umpires who have been or who are members of the Coaches & Umpires Association and whom have given dedicated service to netball may be awarded a Service Award by the Coaches Umpires Association.

Netball coaches, umpires and officials can become a Netball SA member by registering with the Netball SA Coaches & Umpires Association for a nominal fee each year. This fee is paid directly to Netball SA. For further details and to become a Coaches & Umpires Association member click here.

Award Nomination Process:

  • Any member of the Coaches Umpires Association may nominate a person for the Service Award.
  • It is expected that the nomination will provide full details of the nominee including a history of their service to Netball SA.  It is recommended that advice be sought from potential nominees to ensure the validity of the information provided.
  • Official nomination forms are available to download from the Netball SA website or by contacting the Netball SA office.

Nomination Criteria:

  • Outstanding voluntary service over at least ten years for Netball SA.
  • Be a member of the Coaches Umpires & Association over that period.
  • Play an active role in the development of coaches and/or umpires for Netball SA.
  • Service Awards are approved by Coaches Umpires Association members at the Coaches Umpires Association Annual General Meeting held in October each year.