Police Checks

Netball SA has a Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number (VOAN) and as a result our volunteer police checks are free of charge.



People over the age of 18 who are volunteers or paid employees in a ‘prescribed position’ in a sporting or recreation organisation are required to have a police check. Players over the age of 18 do not fall into the category unless also involved in a ‘prescribed position’.

‘Prescribed Positions’ include all people who have regular contact with children or who are working in close promximity to childnre and are not directly supervised at all times. this could include but is not limited to coaching personnel, team managers, umpire supervisors. It is the individual organisation’s responsibility to identify what would constitute a ‘prescribed position’.



For a police clearance application form and instructions click here. Individuals do not may any payment to SAPOL.

Forms verified and stamped by SAPOL must then be collected by the club or association and forwarded to Netball SA who will add VOAN details and forward to SAPOL.

Clubs and Associations must then ensure individuals present their original National Police Checks to the appropriate person in the organisation to record the outcome and expiry date. Original and copies of this document must not be retained by the club or association.

DHS (formally DCSI) screenings are an alternative to a National Police Check.