Who won the 2018 Netball SA Club Excellence Award?

Yolanda Cannizzaro presented Hummocks Netball Club President Bridget Guthberg with the 2018 Netball SA Club Excellence Award.


Hummocks Netball Club has won the 2018 Netball SA Club Excellence Award.

This year proved highly successful for Hummocks, which is part of the Adelaide Plains Netball Association, taking out the A1, A2, A5 and 15/U premierships.

The club’s Secretary Ashleigh Williams said the win came as a surprise.

“The award came as a surprise, but we are very proud. It shows the great success we had this year, with five of our teams playing in their grand finals and four winning. The $2000 grant is much appreciated by everyone and will go towards upgrading equipment.”

Ms Williams has been involved at Hummocks for 14 years and said it’s a great family club.

Adelaide Plains Netball Association Secretary Kelly Buckby said the club is very organised, driven and professionally run.

“They are continually trying to find that extra edge to get themselves ahead of the competition and set the bar higher for other clubs within the association,” she said.

“They start the season with a pre-season bonding day, which is typically a high intensity creative team exercise, which sets the expectations for the remainder of the season.

“During the 2018 season a large number of Hummock’s members participated and obtained numerous coaching credentials, and one umpire also gained her C Badge during a Netball SA mentoring/testing visit.

“Hummocks have a very large following and are supportive of all teams from A1 to their Net and Set teams.”

Points for the Netball SA Club Excellence Award are awarded for:

  • Premiership wins in a club’s top two grades and one other grade during the winter season
  • Points are also awarded for a club’s coach accreditations and umpire badges
  • For being a member of the ORS STARCLUB Club Development program