Second Mazda Community Netball Grants winner announced for 2019


Valley Vikings Netball Club is the second of six grassroots netball clubs to receive $1,000 in 2019 thanks to the Mazda Community Netball Grants program!

As a proud partner, Mazda launched the Mazda Community Netball Grants initiative in 2018 to help support and grow netball across South Australia.

Valley Vikings Secretary, Heather Hopkins, who is also a player, coach and parent, said the club is very thankful for the funding.

“This is the very first grant that our club has received so we were over the moon and so grateful to have been selected”

The funding we will be used for goal posts and pads in a new local training ground.

“We play in the Southern United Netball Association competition. In a short time we have grown from one team to seven this season, plus offering NetSetGO for young netballers.

“We play at SUNA, but as we don’t have our own courts we are having to commute out of our local area to also train at SUNA.

“Early February we approached the council and Happy Valley Sports Park about having access to the community tennis courts and making this our training grounds. Adding a netball club to the sports park has been very well received and they have agreed – which is fantastic!

“The council will help us with getting the area remarked to have two netball courts, but we have to come up with the money for netball goal posts and pads. The Mazda Community grant will now help the club purchase four goal posts and four pads.

“Having our own local courts means we will have the flexibility to be able to train any time, any day for as little or as long as we choose.

”As a young club, winning this grant means we are able to support the project we are working on and it will help us to achieve our goals… literally!”

Heather, a passionate netball lover through and through, understands the importance of netball in the community.

“Netball is a fantastic outlet not only for fitness and fun, but to belong to a team where you will find your best mates for life! Your team are like your family, when you all work together amazing things happen.

With four more grants available, we will continue to announce the winning club each month from July to October.

Grassroots netball clubs around South Australia were invited to apply for the Mazda Community Netball Grants earlier this year.

Mazda is a proud partner of Netball SA and the Adelaide Thunderbirds.