Pat Mickan reflects on Garville premierships | VIDEO


A Garville team poster from the 90s and Pat Mickan who coached Garville to four premierships.


Pat Mickan coached Garville’s State League team to four consecutive State League premierships from 1992-1995, each year her side defeated Contax.

Pat – a dual Olympic basketballer – said the rivalry between Contax and Garville was amazing.

“It was amazing in the sense that South Australian understood the rivalry of the two clubs and understood how intense and brutal the grand finals were,” she said. “At the grand finals the stadium was packed to the rafters.

“Over the year the Garville players grew in confidence and played to their potential. I think they had an element of physical and mental intimidation.”

Pat said even in the lead up minor round games between the two clubs, the build-up was grand-final like.

“The girls would prepare as if it was a grand final in terms of skills and mental preparation. Their focus got sharper in the lead up to playing Contax.”

On reflection, Pat said she can’t spilt the four premierships and believes the time spent with the players and support staff following the wins are her favourite moments.

“After the grand final in the bus on our way to the after-game celebrations the players, coaches and support staff would talk about the game.

“We would speak about plays that stood out and what inspired them.

“It was 30 minutes and it was a beautiful time – we talk, shared and celebrated.”

The core Garville team throughout these premierships featured, Michelle den Dekker, Robyn Gill, Josie Pearce, Danielle Grant, Sheridan Abbott, Natalie Avellino, Jenny Borlase and Karen Watts.


2018 Netball SA Premier League Grand Finals


Reserves Division: 6.45pm Matrics vs Contax

Premier Division: 8.30pm Contax vs Garville

Tickets available at the door.


1995 State League Grand Final Garville defeat Contax by one goal