Netball SA’s Roz Fraser off to Commonwealth Games

Roz Fraser with her boarding pass to the Gold Coast.


Netball SA’s Roz Fraser will find out what it’s like behind-the-scenes at the Commonwealth Games and work with some of the world’s best netballers in her role as Team Liaison for the netball competition.

Roz, Netball SA’s Coach and Officiating Manager, said the key role of the Team Liaison is to ensure the team sticks to the match-day schedule.

“As soon as the team arrives at the netball facility, I’ll run through the schedule with the Team Manager and make sure they know the key timings. It’s then my job to make sure the team sticks to the schedule – that we’re starting and finishing warm-up on time, we’re lined up in the corridor in the right order and of course that team runs out on court on time,” she said.

“Because the games are being broadcast you need to make sure you’re meeting the key timings. If the team’s running late, it will affect not only the team’s preparation on court, but also will have a flow on effect for the scheduled times, so that becomes critical.

“I also make sure the teams have everything they need, whether that’s food and drinks and that their changerooms are set-up properly.”

Roz, who has previously volunteered as a Team Liaison at the Netball World Cup in 2015 and at Fast5 Netball World Series in 2016 and 2017, said unlike at those competitions – the Commonwealth Games will see the group of Team Liaisons work a roster and be assigned to different teams.

“At last year’s Fast5 World Series I was Jamaica’s Team Liaison for the whole competition, but at the Games we will be assigned to a range of teams,” she said.

“This will be great to see the different teams and netballers but will also add to the challenge as I’ll need to adapt quickly to how each team likes to prepare and their cultural needs.

“As the Team Liaison, you sit behind the bench of the players and coaches during the game – so that’s very interesting as you can hear everything the team is saying.”

Roz said she’s looking forward to the Games to see the world’s best netballers play and catch up with people she’s met at the World Cup and Fast5.

“As a volunteer we also get to see the dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony. I’m really looking forward to being on the Gold Coast and experiencing the atmosphere of the Commonwealth Games.”

Roz’s tip to take home the gold medal in netball is Australia, but she thinks England and Jamaica will put up a tough fight.