National Umpiring B Badge achievements

Three umpires achieve National B Badge

Over the past month, three South Australian umpires – Bernadette Schmidt, Kaye Walton and Karly Oswald – have received their National B Badge.

Following the achievement, Netball SA caught up with Bernadette and Kaye to chat about their experiences as umpires.

Why did you get involved in umpiring?

BernadetteI played netball for many years and in the readiness for when I couldn’t play anymore and knowing that I still wanted to be involved in netball I decided I would learn more about umpiring. Also, as a coach it also was useful to know the rules of play.

What is your current highlight of being an umpire?

Kaye – I was lucky to umpire the Indigenous curtain raiser between a SAASTA representative team and Pedare Christian College at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre before the Thunderbirds vs Magpies game. I was extremely grateful that I was chosen and able to do that.

How did you feel now that you have achieved your National B Badge?

BernadetteI am very excited that I have achieved this level. Now I really want to give our younger teenage players and ex-players the opportunity to learn to umpire and enjoy the experience as I have.

What processes did you undertake while working towards you National B Badge and in the lead up to being tested for your National B Badge?

Bernadette – I attended sessions in Balaklava last season and this season to receive information on how to obtain the B Badge. I also attended another two rules of play sessions, which were held at Laura and Crystal Brook. When possible, I have had umpires provide mentoring and advice. I also received mentoring from Leanne Mason when she was in Wirrabara last season to badge the C Grade for Northern Areas.

Kaye – I’m very lucky that during the games I umpire on a Saturday I have access to some amazing mentors. Their guidance and feedback I believe has been paramount to my success in achieving my B Badge. I’m also a big believer in self-reflection after a game, I always like to write down what I did well and three things that I can look to improve on.

What Netball SA umpiring programs have you participated in along your journey as an umpire?

Kaye – Through my club netball I was encouraged to put my name in for the Netball SA Summer Program. From this program I was selected to be part of the Talent Identification Squad and invited to do pre-season with the Netball SA Premier League Umpiring Squad.

What is your umpiring goal?

Bernadette – To be a confident umpire within our area and to have the confidence to be able to umpire in other associations.

Kaye – My current goal is to refine and improve my umpiring skills and through a lot of hard work hopefully achieve my A Badge.

For more information on how to be involved as an umpire and on the umpire pathway, please contact Netball SA’s Officiating Department via email