Important information about volunteer screening


As of 1 November, this year all Department of Human Services (DHS) screenings for volunteers, including volunteering with children and vulnerable people are FREE.

Previously the cost was $59.40, which was paid by either the volunteer or the organisation they are volunteering for.


Why has the cost been removed?

The DHS said removing the costs associated with screening clearances recognises the incredibly important contribution volunteers make to the community and makes it easier for people to volunteer.


Has the process changed for requesting a screening?

The process has not changed for organisations who want to request a screening for a potential or current volunteer. You still start an application on behalf of an individual online, and the volunteer will still receive a notification to complete it. As part of the process, you will need to confirm the application is specifically for a volunteer.

Please note, the DHS expect an increase in applications from 1 November, which may result in requests taking longer than usual to complete. Where possible, the DHS recommends planning ahead when requesting screening clearances and allowing for up to six weeks for the screening to be completed.


Why is screening important?

Screening is about checking a person’s relevant history to assess the level of risk for working or volunteering with children and other vulnerable people. It’s used in conjunction with sound recruitment processes and staff training to create and maintain a safe environment.

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