How your club can grow the confidence of young umpires

Dedicated to improving the training, knowledge and confidence of their young umpires, Para Hills Wanderers Netball Club enrolled in the Coloured Shirt Program in 2018. Following a successful inaugural year, the club will once again roll-out the program for their beginner umpires in 2019.

Hear what the club’s Secretary and Umpire Coordinator say about the program, along with an umpire trainee who participated.



Amy Proctor – Secretary and Coach


Why did your club register to run the Coloured Shirt Program?

To improve the training and knowledge of our umpires.


What benefits have your club noticed since running the Coloured Shirt Program? 

The material has been useful and informative, and we are looking forward to being able to implement it all in the upcoming season. Unfortunately, due to our lack of capacity we didn’t have the opportunity to utilize it to our full advantage in 2018.


How have players, coaches and spectators reacted to the implementation of the Coloured Shirt Program?

Umpire improvement has been positive, and it also encourages players to learn about umpiring and join the program.



Lisa Shaw – Umpire Coordinator and Coach


Have you enjoyed mentoring the Coloured Shirt Program umpires?

Yes, it has been a very worthwhile and rewarding experience.


What differences have you seen within the umpires as they have progressed throughout the season?

As the season has progressed, I have seen the confidence of the umpires increase immensely.


Do you foresee your Coloured Shirt Program umpires progressing along the pathway?

Yes, I believe they will continue to grow in confidence and progress to complete their badging.


Do you believe it is beneficial to run the Coloured Shirt Program?

Yes, this season we did not have the capacity to run the program to its full potential, but even with the limited implementation we found it to be successful.


Would you recommend becoming a Coloured Shirt Program Mentor?

Yes, it is very rewarding to support new umpires to develop their skills.



Alana Shaw – Umpire trainee and Player


What made you want to become a netball umpire?

To better understand netball from another perspective, and to have more consideration of the umpires and how hard it is to control the game.


What do you like about umpiring?

I like that we get paid to do something that we love and make an impact on the game that is positive for the players.


Do you feel being a part of the Coloured Shirt Program has benefited you as an umpire?

Yes, it helped with my confidence – the worksheets provided by the coordinator were helpful. The mentors had great advice too.


Have you felt supported and respected while umpiring in a Coloured Shirt?

Yes, I felt that people were respectful to me.


For associations or clubs wanting to run a Coloured Shirt Program or find out more information click here.