Developing the skills and confidence of young umpires



Like with any new role or job having a mentor on hand to answer any of your questions is incredibly reassuring.

The Coloured Shirt Program is in place for umpires who are just starting out and allows them to develop their skills and confidence with the assistance of a mentor and resources.

The umpires wear a white shirt with green sleeves to allow coaches, players and spectators to recognise the umpire is learning and developing their skills.

For most associations and clubs, the process of having a coloured, recognisable shirt has been successful as there has been an increase in respect and patience shown towards all umpires.

Simone Ramage from the Zodiacs Netball Club that participate in the Mount Gambier Netball Association said the implementation of the Coloured Shirt Program within the association has resulted in an increased awareness of respecting junior and beginner umpires.

Simone said the most beneficial aspect of the program is allowing umpires to be supported by a mentor, so they don’t feel like they are alone.

“The concept of the Coloured Shirt Program is a great way for keen unskilled umpires to have a go as it is less threatening than umpiring for the first time by yourself,” she said.

The Coloured Shirt Program is designed as a progression through the umpiring pathway with aim for participants to achieve their National C Badge after being in the program for two years.

If your club or association is interested in being involved with the Coloured Shirt Program email for more information.