Crystal Brook Netball Club receives Mazda Community Grant

Crystal Brook Netball Club is the third club to win a Mazda Community Netball Grant worth $1000.

Robyn Kelly, an umpire and social member of the club who submitted the application, said the grant money is greatly appreciated and will pay for junior and senior umpire workshops held in April.

“In April we ran a Beginner Umpires Workshop for all four junior grades. This workshop provided the young players of our grassroots club a basic understanding of the rules of netball and has given them the opportunity to become more involved and learn how to umpire a game of netball,” she said.

“We also offered a Rules of Discussion Session to our six senior grades.”

Robyn said the club’s vision is to increase the confidence of young umpires, the majority who also play for Crystal Brook.

“We want our junior umpires to increase their confidence and to have greater access to information on umpiring,” she said.

“To build on this we recently introduced the Coloured Shirt Program, which allows umpires who are just starting out to develop their skills and confidence with the assistance of a mentor and resources.

“With the junior umpires being distinguishable in the coloured shirts it means coaches, players and spectators are aware they’re learning to umpire.”

Robyn said Crystal Brook Netball Club is an inclusive community club run by volunteers, which this season has 12 teams and about 100 players, including a young boy who plays in the junior grades.