Coloured Shirt Program Centre Profile – Port Pirie Netball Association


Centre: Port Pirie Netball Association

Why did your club register to run the Coloured Shirt Program?

Port Pirie Netball Association registered to run the Coloured Shirt Program to improve the training and knowledge of our umpires, to provide more support for our younger umpires and make spectators aware that the umpires are learning and to offer encouragement.


What benefits has your club noticed since running the Coloured Shirt Program?

We have received great resources which has been useful and informative. The support for our younger umpires has been very positive which filters out to all our umpires.


How have players, coaches and spectators reacted to the implementation of the Coloured Shirt Program?

Reaction to the program is positive and it has encouraged other players to learn about umpiring and express an interest to participate in the program in the future.


Will your club continue to run the Coloured Shirt Program in the future?

Port Pirie Netball Association will continue with the Program to give our umpires more confidence in umpiring and to work toward successful badging.


Mentor: Sally Johns

Have you enjoyed mentoring the Coloured Shirt Program umpires?

Definitely. It has been very rewarding. With the number of participants this season, I have also had the assistance of our badged umpires.


What differences have you seen within the umpires as they have progressed throughout the season?

The participants have shown they are willing to learn, their confidence has improved and their general interest in umpiring.


Do you foresee your Coloured Shirt Program Umpires progressing along the pathway?

We had successful badging this season from participants who completed their two years of the Program Port Pirie Netball Association has the confidence that this will continue with future participants.


Do you believe it is beneficial to run the Coloured Shirt Program?

Certainly. With the assistance from the Netball SA we have been provided with all the tools to run a successful program and it highlight to our clubs the need to encourage all umpires.


Would you recommend being a Coloured Shirt Program mentor?

Sure would! It has been very rewarding to support new umpires and watch them develop new skills and confidence.



Participant: Jada Hill

What made you want to become a netball umpire?

I love netball and wanted to learn the skills of umpiring and help me grow as a player.


What do you like about umpiring?

See the game from a different view and learning a new skill.


Do you feel being part of the Coloured Shirt Program has benefited you as an umpire?

This season coloured shirts has helped me get a better understanding of the game both as an umpire, coach and player.


Have you felt supported and respected while umpiring in a Coloured Shirt?

I have had some positive feedback and support this season by our mentors which has made me more confident as an umpire.