Coloured Shirt Program Centre Profile – Crystal Brook Netball Club

LIAISON: Robyn Kelly

Why did your club register to run the Coloured Shirt Program?

Crystal Brook Netball Club registered to run the Coloured Shirt Program to get more support for younger umpires, advise spectators that the umpires are learning and help with resources, both for the mentor and the participating umpire.

How has your club benefited from running the Coloured Shirt Program?

There has been more support for younger umpires, along with new shirts for them, and senior umpires are now more willing to receive feedback. We’ve received great new resources which make everything look more official and that instills confidence in the club.

How have players, coaches and spectators reacted to the implementation of the Coloured Shirt Program?

Very positively, and they’re supportive both of the program itself and the willingness of the umpires to learn.

Will your club continue to run the Coloured Shirt Program in the future?

We will assess mid way through next year, as this current group of Coloured Shirt umpires are in the program for 2 years.  We had an overwhelming response with 19 participants for this current group of learning umpires.

MENTOR: Robyn Kelly

Have you enjoyed mentoring the Coloured Shirt Program umpires?

Definitely. However, as there were so many learning umpires interested I have now three or four other club members helping me mentor.

What differences have you seen within the umpires as they have progressed throughout the season?

I’ve noticed a greater willingness to learn, improved confidence in umpiring and the fact that they’re asking more questions and wanting more information.

Do you foresee your Coloured Shirt Program umpires progressing along this pathway?

As there are so many participants, I would say 25% would progress all the way along the pathway during the next 2 years.  Hopefully we will have at least one success story by the end of this season.

Do you believe it is beneficial to run the Coloured Shirt Program?

Absolutely! There’s more structured learning, helpful resources and it increases the profile of umpiring.

Would you recommend becoming a Coloured Shirt Program mentor? Why/why not?

Yes, as it is rewarding seeing the umpires improve, both in confidence and communication.


What made you want to become a netball umpire?

I became an umpire because I wanted to be more involved with the club. I really enjoy playing netball and learning the rules.

What do you like about umpiring?

I like the fact that I get to see another perspective of the game.

Do you feel being a part of the Coloured Shirt Program has benefited you as an umpire?

Yes, as being mentored by developed umpires will help me establish correct skills for umpiring.

Have you felt supported and respected while umpiring in a Coloured Shirt?

Yes, I felt confident while umpiring and confident with the calls I made.