Changes on court in 2018


Netballers and umpires alike will notice some slight changes when they hit the court from 1 January 2018, following the announcement of rule amendments by the International Netball Federation earlier this month.


The minor updates, which will be implemented by Netball Australia and its eight state and territory Member Organisations next year, do not constitute new rules, but are merely amendments to the traditional guidelines of the game.


Whilst a brief explanation of the amendments can be found below, Netball Australia will also be releasing a series of informative and instructional videos further clarifying the changes, available online from mid-December.


The amendments include:

  • New definitions of breaking, pivot and set (for both a free and penalty pass)
  • The sanction if a free pass or penalty pass is taken in an incorrect position
  • When a player who is in the correct position may take the penalty pass
  • Umpires hold time to give a caution and new caution signal added
  • Change of ‘official warning’ to ‘warning’ throughout rule books
  • Suspension period is two minutes playing time
  • State when a player may move into the court surround
  • Minor tidy up to remove duplication and provide clarity


Additional support materials, including Netball Australia’s online training and education modules will also be made available to associations and clubs across the nation from mid-December, ensuring a smooth transition to the new-look rules.