Sporting organisations have legal responsibilities in relation to harassment, discrimination and child protection. They also have moral obligations in relation to establishing standards of appropriate behaviour and providing safe, respectful and appropriate sporting environments. A tribunal hearing forms part of an organisation’s complaints procedure and will assist sporting organisations in managing these issues, should they arise. It also assists the sport in implementing the rules and regulations of the organisation as set out in its Constitution, By-Laws and policy documentation.

The Netball SA Tribunals & Hearings Guidelines can used as a general guide for clubs or associations when establishing and conducting a tribunal hearing. It provides general guidance on a relatively simple, quick and inexpensive decision making process and follows the requirements of natural justice. Given the differences that can occur between clubs, state associations and national sporting organisations, specific legal advice should be sought to ensure that any tribunal policies or guidelines implemented are valid and enforceable under the sports’ Constitution and by-laws.


Guidelines: Hearings and Tribunals