Central Ranges Academy

2020 Program Dates

29 March, 16 April – 17 April (camp), 31 May, 28 June, 26 July, 16 August, 20 September. *
* Training dates are subject to change.
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Academy Games

Tuesday 29 September – Thursday 1 October.

Athletes are to attend all trials as required. Selected athletes must be available to attend all program dates.
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Kori Attenborough (Mid Hills)
Lily Brown (Mid Hills)
Zahra Court (Hills)
Stella Goulden (Mid Hills)
Katie Hebron (Barossa Light & Gawler)
Stella Holt* (Barossa Light & Gawler)
Chloe Isgar* (Barossa Light & Gawler)
Ella Johnson (Barossa Light & Gawler)
Chloe Kilsby (Mid Hills)
Jaslyn Kupke (Mid Hills)
Amelia McKessor (Barossa Light & Gawler)
Emily Mudge (Mid Hills)
Sophie Newcombe (Barossa Light & Gawler)
Amelia Nolan (Barossa Light & Gawler)
Chloe Petersen (Barossa Light & Gawler)
Kailyn Schmitke (Barossa Light & Gawler)
Amelia Schuster (Barossa Light & Gawler)
Caitlin Smyth (Mid Hills)
Lucy Stokes (Mid Hills)
Katie Thompson (Mid Hills)
Tahlia Walker (Mid Hills)
Caitlin Westley (Barossa Light & Gawler

*Subject to Fitness

2020 Staff

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