Adelaide Academy

2020 Trials

TRIAL 1 | Thursday 20 February 2020, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Priceline Stadium.
TRIAL 2 | Thursday 27 February 2020, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Priceline Stadium.
TRIAL 3 | Thursday 5 March 2020, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Priceline Stadium.

TRIAL FEE | $20.00 non-refundable.

Registrations close 5:00pm Monday 27 January 2020. No late or offline registrations will be accepted.

 Lily-Mae Balkwill (Garville)
 Jordan W Beauchamp (Contax)
 Madeline Bennett (Newton Jaguars)
 Alissa Brook (Contax)
 Lily Cahill (Adelaide Wildcats)
 Chloe Carlaw (Contax)
 Kashaya Carpenter (Garville)
 Abbie Cawse (Matrics)
 Abby Cenko (Garville)
 Bree Chapman (Matrics)
 Holly Cobb (Matrics)
 Adele Cooper (Contax)
 Natalia Cooper (Oakdale) 
 Jade Cross (Oakdale)
 Kayla Diakomichalis (Garville)
 Kyla Dudojc (Garville)
 Isabelle Duke (Woods Panthers)
 Laura Duncan (Oakdale)
 Chelsea Durbridge (Contax)
 Jasmine Edmonds (Contax)
 Ella Evans (Matrics)
 Mia Forbes (Matrics)
 Abby Frankenfeld (Oakdale) 
 Malak Ghaly (Contax)
 Chelsea Glover (Oakdale)
 Ashtyn Hodge (Matrics) 
 Jorja Hooper (Contax)
 Chrysta James (Metro Jets)
 Summer James (Matrics)
 Tia James (Garville)
 Audrey Jones (Matrics)
 Sienna Jones (Matrics)
 Abi Jorgensen (Contax)
 Darcy Kavanagh (Oakdale)
 Olivia Kelly (Matrics)
 Emilia Kerr (Oakdale)
 Sophie Killick (Matrics)
 Tiahna Jade Kingdon (Contax)
 Phoebe Kitto (Contax)
 Ruby Kocher (Matrics)
 Skye Larchin (Contax)
 Amity Livingstone (Matrics)
 Maya Loughnan (Contax)
 Lily Massey (Metro Jets) 
 Kelly McArdle (Matrics)
 Summer McNicol (Oakdale)
 Dusty Millar (Contax) 
 Tiahli Miller (Contax) 
 Indiana Moroney (Oakdale)
 Amelia J Olech (Matrics)
 Lucy Palmer (Metro Jets)
 Abbie Player (Garville) 
 Alexia Politis (Matrics)
 Keeley Rathjen (Contax)
 Bronte Sleath (Contax)
 Alexandra Smith (Contax)
 Grace Stevens (Contax)
 Willow Stewart-Ratray (Contax)
 Rebekah-Jean Wall (Newton Jaguars)
 Madeline Warren (Oakdale)
 Lily Weckert (Metro Jets)
 Portia Whetters (Metro Jets) 
 Abby Woodward (Oakdale)
 Eliza Woolley (Contax) 
 Tashani Wyatt (Oakdale)
 Drew Yandell (Matrics)

Program Dates

28 March-29 March (Camp), 26 April, 24 May, 21 June, 19 July, 16 August, 13 September, 27 September. *
* Training dates are subject to change.
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Mellor Olsson Academy Games

Tuesday 29 September – Thursday 1 October.

Athletes are to attend all trials as required. Selected athletes must be available to attend all program dates.
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2020 Staff

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