Training Opportunities

Summer and pre-season training is about to kick off with association visits and new online training opportunities. If you are a part of an association requiring training, there are already some training dates scheduled in November through to February.  Please contact Shanna Wheare via email [email protected] to coordinate training if required.

Online Training

With the new online training opportunities, clubs and associations are encouraged to book into sessions appropriate to their needs. This year, two new sessions are available for clubs and associations who are ready to take MyNetball to the next level. The following sessions will be available.

People/Team Management (Club/Association)

Learn how to manage and communication with your players, teams through MyNetball. Assign roles to your people to streamline communication and produce team reports.  This session is designed for club secretaries.

Membership Products/ Online Forms  (Club/Association)

Netball SA and Netball Australia would like to see our participants using the Membership Products (online registrations) next season.  This session will enable you to manage your money and memberships more efficiently. Membership Products are the foundation of taking your club registrations and training  online to streamline your treasury tasks and membership affiliation.  For an association similar task can be managed including management of representative squad trials.  This session will ideally suit club secretaries and Treasurer.

MyNetball Governance

MyNetball Governance is designed for Association or club representatives to learn more about office Bearers, Registration Management and Contact Management. There will be separate sessions for both clubs and associations as governance for each type of organisation in MyNetball is different. This session takes up to two hours and to attend this session you will have need to complete training in people management as a prerequisite.

MyNetball Reporting

MyNetball Reporting is designed to teach clubs and associations to expand their reporting ability within MyNetball.   This session takes up to 2 hours and to attend this session you will have need to complete training in people management and Membership Products/Online Forms as a pre requisite.

A minimum of five attendees are required for online sessions to be run. Please book your sessions at least seven days in advance by emailing [email protected]. Late bookings will only be taken if space is available in the session.  The sessions currently organised are as follows:

DateTimeTraining SessionDuration
15/11/201610am -12:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
15/11/20167pm-9:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
17/11/201610am -12:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
17/11/20167pm-9:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
22/11/201610am -12:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
22/11/20167pm-9:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
24/11/201610am -12:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
24/11/20167pm-9:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
29/11/201610am -12:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
29/11/20167pm-9:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
1/12/201610am -12:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
1/12/20167pm-9:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
6/12/201610am -12:30pmMyNetball Governance1 – 2 hours
6/12/20167pm-9:30pmMyNetball Reporting1 – 2 hours
8/12/201610am -12:30pmMyNetball Reporting1 – 2 hours
8/12/20167pm-9:30pmMyNetball Governance1 – 2 hours
13/12/201610am -12:30pmMyNetball Governance1 – 2 hours
13/12/20167pm-9:30pmMyNetball Reporting1 – 2 hours
15/12/201610am -12:30pmMyNetball Reporting1 – 2 hours
15/12/20167pm-9:30pmMyNetball Governance1 – 2 hours
17/01/201710am -12:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
17/01/20177pm-9:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
19/01/201710am -12:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
19/01/20177pm-9:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
24/01/201710am -12:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
24/01/20177pm-9:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
31/01/201710am -12:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
31/01/20177pm-9:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
2/02/201710am -12:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
2/02/20177pm-9:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
7/02/201710am -12:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
7/02/20177pm-9:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
16/02/201710am -12:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
16/02/20177pm-9:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
28/02/201710am -12:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
28/02/20177pm-9:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
2/03/201710am -12:30pmPeople Management2 – 3 hours
2/03/20177pm-9:30pmMembership Products/Online Forms2 – 3 hours
7/03/201710am -12:30pmMyNetball Governance1 – 2 hours
7/03/20177pm-9:30pmMyNetball Reporting1 – 2 hours
9/03/201710am -12:30pmMyNetball Reporting1 – 2 hours
9/03/20177pm-9:30pmMyNetball Governance1 – 2 hours
14/03/201710am -12:30pmMyNetball Governance1 – 2 hours
14/03/20177pm-9:30pmMyNetball Reporting1 – 2 hours
16/03/201710am -12:30pmMyNetball Reporting1 – 2 hours
16/03/20177pm-9:30pmMyNetball Governance1 – 2 hours
21/03/201710am -12:30pmMyNetball Reporting1 – 2 hours