The Masters competition is for players aged 30 years and over wanting to participate in competitive or social netball.

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New Teams

To Register a new team please email Chris Allen.

Match Day

Wednesday night from 7:00pm during school terms
Two seasons – Winter and Summer


Allocated by the Organising Committee

Nomination Fee|$10.00 per team per competition to accompany the application form.
Registration Fee|$57.50 includes Netball SA Registration $37.10, AANA Levy $9.90 and $10.00 for Insurance. Please note the AANA Fee and Insurance is paid annually. Registration Fees may be paid with Application fee or deferred until third match of the Season.
Team Fee/night|$50.00
Forfeit|$68 if Netball SA are notified by 5pm prior to game start .
$98 fee if Netball SA is not notified of forfeit by 5pm prior to game start.
Teams must advise Netball SA and the opposition of the forfeit.
Cancellation Fee|A team who pulls out during the season will be required to pay out their
$50 team fee for each of their remaining scheduled matches of the season.


Match duration

4 x 10 minute quarters


Turning 30 during the season of play.


Balls and Bibs are supplied, although teams are encouraged to have their own bibs


Netball SA Stadium
155 Railway Terrace

Further information

Chris Allen
Masters Coordinator
p: 08 8443 6100
e: [email protected]